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How Access Control Systems Enhance Security

In today’s world, security is more vital than ever, whether that means protecting our online identities or ensuring safe entry and exit to buildings. To this end, access control systems continue to protect our offices, flats, community buildings and external areas from unauthorised entry. There are a number of ways these systems benefit our security efforts that you may not have even considered, so in this article we’ll be exploring exactly why access control is such an important aspect of keeping you safe.


Understanding Access Control Systems

An access control system is a security system or mechanism that is designed to manage and regulate the entry and exit of individuals into a building or an area. These systems ensure that only authorised personnel are granted access to certain locations.

Access control systems can be deceptively simple, or they can be incredibly complex. A padlock or a deadbolt lock is probably the most basic example of an access control system, but these simple solutions also have obvious weaknesses and would be difficult to use in residential buildings with multiple residents. A complex access control system could be a biometric scanner that identifies your retina, but in an everyday setting, it’s likely you wouldn’t need this level of scrutiny!

As we’ve touched upon, access control is important in residential settings such as pedestrian access control for blocks of flats, as it allows residents to feel safe and secure in the knowledge that they are protected from unauthorised access. It’s also important in commercial settings, since valuable assets and vital data are probably stored in your office. Lastly, access control systems could be used in public settings to regulate when people can enter or exit a public building or restricted area.


Key Components of Access Control Systems

Each component of an access control system plays an important role in facilitating security, and what kind of control system you use will determine the complexity and intricacy of its parts. Some components are likely to be part of any common access control system, which includes:

  • A reader of some kind, whether that is an analogue reader (a keyhole) or, more likely, a digital one (i.e. an electronic sensor).
  • A credential, which the user will need to gain access. This could be a physical credential, like a key fob or even a mobile phone. It could also be a code or password the user needs to remember.
  • An access control panel, aka a door entry panel. This could be the panel where a keypad, an electronic sensor, or a button is placed. It acts as the intermediary between the user and the system.
  • A controller¸ likely a hidden component of the access system, will communicate with the reader and verify the credential.
  • An access point, or point of entry – in most cases, a door!


Benefits of Access Control Systems

The primary benefit of an access control system is enhanced security, providing a robust layer of physical security to ensure that only authorised individuals can enter specific areas. This safeguards valuable assets and sensitive information from being compromised, protects residents or employees, and reduces vandalism or unauthorised usage. However, there are other follow-on benefits of access control that may not be immediately obvious.


Emergency lockdowns

Depending on how you’ve built your access control system, it can be used to initiate a lockdown procedure in the event of an emergency, instantly securing the premises and protecting occupants. Alternatively, they can help to open doors in an emergency. For example, push-to-exit buttons can be a simple but effective way of granting exit quickly.



Advanced access control systems like proximity readers, keypads and video systems can be used to create a detailed log of every access event – who entered, when, and where. This information establishes traceability and gives you more oversight into potential security breaches. The knowledge that access events are being logged can be an effective deterrent to unauthorised or improper access.



An electronic access control system can be scaled up or down to accommodate your changing needs. That includes adding new users when needed, incorporating new access points into your system, or even adding new facilities to your security processes. Many control systems can adapt and grow to meet evolving security needs.



For even more oversight, access control points can integrate with other security systems such as CCTV cameras or alarm systems. Advanced systems could be integrated to enable automated responses to security events, like enabling cameras or alerting staff after an unauthorised entry. Even if this means cross-referencing data across two different systems, access control can contribute to a holistic picture of your building’s security.


Challenges and Considerations

If you’re considering upgrading your current access control systems, you might be thinking about what challenges you’ll face. The most important is the initial cost of the access control hardware and the installation, which can be a barrier for some organisations.

To tackle this, consider your exact requirements and think about what your specific building needs, planning your budget efficiently. At FSM, we have experience and work with partners to produce bespoke door entry panels adapted to the specific needs of the building. Approaching the challenge in this way will reduce unnecessary spending and make sure the system works for you.


How FSM Implements Access Control Systems

Further to these techniques to reduce the initial cost of installing an access control system, FSM has the capability to provide you with ongoing support. From your initial enquiry through to installation, FSM brings the best practices for implementing access control to you.

This includes an extensive design and engineering stage including a site audit, ensuring that our proposal will provide maximum security efficiency and will be cost-effective for your building. During the pre-assembly phase, we engrave and paint-fill the components of your access equipment to provide you with the wording, braille and symbols you need to ensure clarity and accurate signposting. Our final assembly process also involves a visual inspection of the finished product and a specification check to ensure all of your requirements have been fulfilled.


Access Control Systems with FSM

At FSM, we don't just design and manufacture access control equipment; we empower you with security and peace of mind. If you’re interested in working with us on your next access control project, then don’t hesitate to get in touch by phone, email or contact form. We’ll be sure to listen to your needs and find the solution that works for you.

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