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Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Custom metal fabrication is everything to us. We love to embrace bespoke projects, and we're delighted to share some case studies showcasing that.

At FSM, custom metal fabrication is at the heart of everything we do. Whether we are crafting security solutions for the public sector, devising access control systems for residential areas, or delving into a wide array of projects in-between, there's a lesser-known facet to our capabilities – our proficiency in creating tailor-made metal components, objects, and installations, engineered to endure the test of time and stand apart from the ordinary. Our dedicated team loves to embrace novel and captivating bespoke projects, and we are delighted to share a plethora of case studies showcasing the ingenious applications our clients have found for our metal fabrication services.


Components for Motorsports

As big fans of Touring Car racing, we are fortunate to have established a relationship with Pro Alloy Motorsports, and work with them as a sub-contractor to fabricate components for their world-renowned services. Our approach to these has been a wonderful exploration of our capabilities to combine innovation and expertise. Each component was meticulously designed by Pro Alloy with an acute understanding of weight distribution and heat dissipation – crucial elements that can make the difference between victory and defeat on the track. We worked hand-in-hand with the client to ensure that every component was tailored to their specific needs and performance requirements. You can learn more about our work within motor sports by checking out our case studies!


Unusual Custom Metal Objects

We often work in commercial industries, so it was a breath of fresh air to meet SUCK UK, a manufacturer of distinct and unique giftable products that operates across the world. Recognising our talents in working with sheet metal and manufacturing sturdy stainless-steel components, we struck a partnership with SUCK to produce some of their more robust products, including an illuminating coffee table made in conjunction with another of our partners, a light box manufacturer. Working alongside both partners has only served to strengthen our relationship and cement ourselves as a company that pushes itself to achieve out-of-the-box solutions and put your concepts and designs into practice, no matter how quirky they are!


Decorative Security Doors

If you’ve worked with FSM before, you know that we specialise in security solutions that are robust, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing. However, we weren’t expecting the challenge when Sheraton Textiles approached us with a bespoke and unusual design for their shop fit-out! Sheraton specialise in African fabrics, and their beautiful concepts blended these cultural elements with a bold design philosophy that was too intriguing for us to pass up. The work that we put in to bringing these concepts to life was entirely worth it, as the end-product shines as a unique selling point that helps them stand out against other, similar businesses in their area. In addition, these decorative panels and doors retained FSM’s standard security rating, making them both an excellent security solution and a beautiful example of our capability.


Custom Landscaping

And now, for something completely different! In 2018, JW Landscapes approached us to request our help in building a structure that would add an aesthetic flair to a garden that they were working on. This structure would also function as a dam to control the flow of a stream that runs through the garden. One of our junior designers at the time put his all into designing something that would stand the test of time and blend well with the natural aesthetic that JW was looking for. The “water wheel” shape gives off the appearance of a mysterious and intriguing ancient structure to wow pedestrians. We’re incredibly proud of how the water feature turned out, especially since it showcases the passion of our designers and the drive that FSM has to go the extra mile for customers with inspiring ideas.


Artistic Expression

Lastly, for one of our most recent projects, FSM Manufacturing was approached by London-based furniture designer Alexandra Gerber and invited to cooperate in a program to produce three, artistically designed aluminium benches. FSM and Alexandra Gerber worked together and produced three complicated but practical designs with FSM addressing the considerable production challenges which involved converting unusual concepts into fully engineered creations. The impressive designs went into production at FSM in August and were delivered to Paris in early September. This unique project stands as an exciting adventure for FSM and a step outside of our comfort zone, showcasing our flexibility in dealing with unexpected projects!

Interested in learning how FSM can bring your dream project to life? Be sure to get in touch with us by contact form, via email ([email protected]), or pick up the phone and call us on 01440 762561 to speak to our team and get started!

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