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Design & Innovation

Effective design is the key to the success of any product whether with its marketability or, functionality. Invariably it is both.

At FSM we have the experience & technology to help you develop your product, taking it from a concept sketch, through innovative design and engineering, into production.

We have three 3D design seats where our experienced team can help to convert your ideas, sketches, existing drawings or CAD files into real world products. To help them achieve this, they use “Solid Edge” CAD software with full modelling and parametric capability. Generally a physical prototype will not be necessary as the virtual model should suffice minimising pre-production costs and helping to reduce lead times. However, the choice is yours.

Our designers look to their skills at the time of drawing to ensure practicality in production and to value engineer the product thereby giving the production teams the opportunity to maximise material utilisation, optimize manufacturing time and minimize downtime.  This is to the benefit of everyone. Cost effectiveness is crucial to being competitive. This is paramount to the ongoing success of FSM.

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