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Roller Shutter and Sliding Doors

FSM work with partners to provide the client with a one stop solution.

Roller Shutters from FSM

If you’re in need of a roller shutter door for your premises, such as the black shutter seen in the image to the right, then FSM can help. We work with trusted partners to provide roller door solutions to clients in both the public and private sectors.

Roller shutters help to provide an extra layer of protection, especially for entry points with a large amount of glass. They are designed to completely cover the vulnerable area as a deterrent to intruders or vandals by creating a strong physical barrier in front of the premises. These are an excellent space-saving solution if you are working within a limited area and can be manufactured in various sizes to suit your specific needs.

FSM works with some of the most trusted manufacturers of roller shutter doors to make sure that you are receiving the best possible quality materials and craftsmanship that will blend seamlessly with FSM steel doors and access control panels. For example, in our first featured image, you can see that our partner’s roller shutter blends seamlessly with FSM’s gate and entry panel.


Sliding Doors from FSM

In the same vein as roller shutters, sliding doors offer an efficiency if you’re working with limited space and you need a subtle, aesthetically pleasing solution. Sliding doors provide a sleek, modern and professional look for any property, providing a primary source of natural light while maintaining a strong sense of security.

Here at FSM, we only use the best and most suitable materials when we approach any project, and sliding doors are no different. With expertise in mild steel, stainless steel and lighter weight aluminium doors and screens, we produce sliding doors that will stand the test of time and conform to all of your security needs.

In our second featured image, on the right, you can see our work in action at the Basildon Centre. This project involved converting a set of revolving doors into sliding doors to help alleviate holdups on entry and on exit.

Our team worked hard to manufacture these doors to the requested specification, considering the unusual shape of the entry point. We’re incredibly pleased that this project turned out how it did, with the new doors blending quite seamlessly within the existing structure. We’re also proud to have worked with our partners, Access Automation, to manufacture and install these doors.

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