2016 March News – New Fibre Laser Installed

March 29, 2016

The TruDisk 3030 solid-state laser enables the processing of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and, in addition, provides you with an extra productivity benefit when it comes to thin sheets. Proven functions such as the automatic nozzle changer provide for minimum downtimes.


Profitable mild steel processing at all sheet thicknesses

High flexibility due to processing of tubes and of non-ferrous metals

Production advantages in the thin-sheet range

The one-cutting-head strategy and automatic nozzle changer result in minimized downtimes

Maximum energy efficiency

Our Fibre Laser can cope with 25mm mild steel, 20mm stainless steel and 15mm aluminium, 8mm Brass.

Max. material thickness with TruDisk 3030


Mild steel

25 mm

Stainless steel

20 mm


15 mm


8 mm


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