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Hello, what's this? I know, it's one we made earlier!

While wandering around an "Open Garden" event recently, we stumbled across a project we were involved with in 2018.

FSM were approached by JW Landscapes to see if we were interested in making a structure to add visual appeal as well as adding functionality to a stream running through the garden. 

Nathan Ollett, a new recruit to our design team at that time, was tasked to work with JW to produce a representation of a "water wheel" that would appeal aesthetically as well as practically from an assembly/installation perspective. Time was spent with the landscape designer to produce a drawing matching his pre-requisite. The structure was then broken down into manageable sections. Once the construction drawings were signed off, the component parts were made. A dry build was then attended by JW to ensure all went smoothly on site. Looking at it in situ, it did.

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