FSM Value Engineering

FSM Value Engineering Helping You Get Better, More Cost Effective Sheet Metal Components.

Helping you evaluate your components / assemblies;

  • IMG_2717Engineering Analysis – our experienced and professional engineers will evaluate your requirements to assess if your component’s design and manufacture can be improved.
  • Component level Design Engineering – detailed attributes will be reviewed to evaluate ideal materials, fabrication and design. Our experience having been given an existing part to quote is that we often provide more than just a like for like price, we also add value and design engineering to the process.
  • Product level – Prototype – For complex products and assemblies FSM can offer prototyping to prove manufacture and establish optimum processes, prior to volume production.

About your existing component design

  • When you design, are you held back in your thinking?
  • Do you need to evaluate your existing components?
  • Are there times when having a physical product would help you establish if it is suitable?
  • Before placing a larger component or assembly order would you like the comfort of physically seeing a pre production version?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions why not talk to our engineering team. We will happily chat over a coffee and discuss if there are production / assembly benefits for you. 

Not sure what you want?

  • Bring along your ideas (from a sketch or a physical part).
  • We will listen to your sheet metal issues and challenges.
  • Our design department will complete detailed designs (which could include rendered drawings).
  • Our Technical engineers will then discuss manufacturing options and make recommendations with you.

Summary –  Some of the benefits FSM Value Engineering Capabilities have provided customers

  • Adding value to components.
  • Helping reduce assembly times.
  • Improving consistency.
  • Making assemblies easier for maintenance.
  • Designing for easier transportation.