FSM - Access Control Catalogue

www.fsm.co.uk | 21 Fireman’s Switch Keys Description - Bright Zinc Plated CODE Crescent Key To Suit Fs3 Fireswitch KY3 DROP KEY to suit FS4 or FS5 Fireswitch KY4 DROP KEY to suit FS5 Fireswitch only KY5 Accessories Door Entry Panels Panel Sizes Type Fascia & Backbox Across Bezel CODE TYPE 2 290mm x 108mm 330mm x 148mm T2TYPE3 408mm x 108mm 448mm x 148mm T3TYPE 4 488mm x 108mm 528mm x 148mm T4TYPE 5 290mm x 216mm 330mm x 256mm T5TYPE 6 368mm x 216mm 408mm x 256mm T6MK5 Stainless Steel Pushbuttons. Flush MK5 MK5 Stainless Steel Pushbuttons with Yellow or Blue ring. Tactile MK5Y or MK5B MK5 Brass Pushbuttons. Flush MK5BR MK6 Stainless Steel Pushbuttons. Flush. 2 microswitches. MK6/2 MK6 Stainless Steel Pushbuttons with Yellow or Blue ring. Tactile. 2 microswitches. MK6Y/2 or MK6B/2 Proximity Reader Cut-out, studs & fixings P Video Cut-out, standard plastic window, studs & fixings V System Busy Cut-out, standard square plastic window, studs & fixings SB Engraving ENG Braille BRAILLE Fascia Only F Mitred bezel back box MB Surface Mounting standard SM Surface mounting with Rain Hood RH Surface Mounting, Heavy Duty, fully welded SM/HD 1. All door entry panels assume that the speaker unit is no larger than 120mm x 80mm. 2. The cutout for all entry panels should be the dimensions of the back box plus an additional 10mm all round. 3. The standard engraving font is “US Block 1L”, height 7mm. Alternatives are available upon request. 4. VR/M5 Security screws are included with all door entry panels. 6. The housing on SM & RH models is manufactured from 1.5mm 316 s/steel & pop riveted in place. 7. HD models are completely encased and fully welded from 2.5mm 316 s/steel. 8. For video panels, a sample camera or detailed specification may be required with order. Standard design is based on 40mm x 40mm board camera. 9. For non-standard panels, contact FSM. 10. Switch specification available on request or via the downloads page on our website. 11. Standard backbox depth is 50mm, unless requested otherwise.