FSM - Access Control Catalogue

20 | Access Control & Security Products Accessories Push Buttons Description CODE MK5 Pushbutton Flush St St sleeve All MK5 push buttons: Momentary with M3 terminals Materials: ABS moulded body. Terminals and fascia: 303 grade stainless steel. MK5 MK5 Pushbutton Tactile Yellow sleeve MK5Y MK5 Pushbutton Tactile Blue sleeve MK5B MK6/2 Pushbutton Flush St St sleeve MK6/2 MK6/2 Pushbutton Tactile Yellow sleeve MK6/2Y MK6/2 Pushbutton Tactile Blue sleeve MK6/2B Screwdriver Bits & Handle Description CODE No.6 Screwdriver Bit VR BIT6 No.8 and M4 Screwdriver Bit VR BIT8 No.10 and M5 Screwdriver Bit VR BIT10 M8 Armature Plate Screwdriver Bit VR BIT8 ARMATURE Screwdriver Handles VR BIT HAND Door Protection Barrier Dimensions Material Finish CODE 500mm high x 300mm wide 5mm lateral fixing plates Material - Tube: 38/40mm dia x 12g MS tube Powder coated to a standard RAL colour Floor plate and colour to be stated when ordering DPB VANDAL RESISTANT WOOD SCREWS Dimensions BZP – Bright Zinc Plated BRASS - Self Colour No.6 x 1.00” WS6X1BZP WS6X1BR No.6 x 1.25” WS6X1.25BZP WS6X1.25BR No.6 x 1.50” WS6X1.5BZP WS6X1.5BR No.8 x 1.00” WS8X1BZP No.8 x 1.25” WS8X1.25BZP No.8 x 1.50” WS8X1.5BZP WS8X1.5BR All wood screws are manufactured from brass