FSM - Access Control Catalogue

www.fsm.co.uk | 19 Accessories D’ PUSH PLATES x 400mm Dimensions Material Fixing Holes CODE 400mm high x 200mm wide 2mm 304 stainless steel grained 180 grit both sides 4.2mm dia holes to suit 4.0mm x 8mm pop rivets, included FDS0040S D’ Push Plates X 500mm Dimensions Material Fixing Holes CODE 500mm high x 300mm wide 3mm 304 stainless steel grained external face only 6.0mm dia countersunk holes to suit M5 machine screws, included FDS0040 Down Lighter - 150mm or 220mm Wide Dimensions Material Fixings CODE 150mm or 220mm wide Canopy 1.2mm 304 stainless Steel Lights: KKLB x 503 LED light strip bonded to the chassis Diffuser: 3mm Opal Polycarbate or Plexiglas Canopy retained by 4 x MSM4 x 12 security screws Chassis retained by either 4 x WS8x1.5BZP security wood screws or MSM5x20 security screw All the above are included in the fixing kit DL-150 DL-220 Vandal Resistant Machine Screws. All Stainless Steel, self coloured unless stated otherwise Dimensions Description CODE M4 x 7.5mm Lock strikes to fascia retaining screws VR 4x7.5 SS M4 x 12mm Down Lighter cover retaining screws VR 4x12 SS M5 x 6mm Lock strikes to fascia retaining screws VR 5x6 SS M5 x 8mm Lock strikes to fascia retaining screws VR 5x8 SS M5 x 12mm Snake Eye Facia retaining screws VR 5x12 SS Snake Eye M5 x 25mm Facia retaining screws VR 5x25 SS M5 x 25mm Brass Fascia retaining screws VR 5x25 BRASS M5 x 80mm Side fix mag-lock cover screws VR 5x80 SS M6 x 12 General purpose VR 6x12SS M8 x 35mm Armature plate retaining screws VR 8x35 SS For alternative styles & designs, contact FSM to discuss or provide detailed information.