Do you have challenges with your sheet metal fabrication? The answer is FSM.

If you are looking for sheet metal components there are 5 key reasons for considering FSM

  • Don’t compromise with stock or an off the shelf component, FSM have numerous examples where we have designed and manufactured bespoke components and units for the same price.
  • Our engineers regularly help customers come up with productivity improvements. Examples include; Easier assembly, improved accessibility and reduced build time.
  • Our new ‘state of the art’ 3030 Fibre laser provides a leading edge precision cutting capability allowing us to work to +/- 0.20mm 
  • FSM can add value to your components through a variety of techniques. Examples include; Engraved panels, Braille capabilities and client brand etching.
  • Over the last 12 months FSM have achieved excellent client ratings via our “Right first time performance”.

For more information please call the Technical and Design team on 01440 762561

Components ranging in size from mm to sqm

small component with steel rule

Components in volumes from bespoke one-off’s to thousands of pieces

cutty sark fabrication IMG_2727

Component complexity from simple to intricate

Img_2744 complex fabricated component