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Proximity Reader Housings

We work with the client, contractors, suppliers of access control equipment and installers to provide products needed to meet the desired criteria and specifications.

Colchester Borough Homes requested an additional tenant friendly key fob reader at Grymes Dyke Court residential home.

To supplement the built in reader within the door entry panel, we mounted a standard proximity unit into the hand rail. The door was fitted with automation. After sequencing the timing correctly, the position of this reader allowed residents time to enter the building whether on foot, mobility scooter or wheelchair without hindrance and allowed the door to close and lock in time to prevent any unauthorised access.

Fascia are generally made from satin finished 316 grade stainless steel with studs on the rear face to secure the panel mount reader. Polished brass is an option where a more traditional effect is required. These can be factory fitted at FSM or on site by the access control engineers. The fascia are secured into position using our vandal resistant screws or to pre-installed back boxes. Available in a standard sizes with various mounting options or to customer specification.


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