Specialist Services

Specialist Services


Our CNC controlled engraving machine is able to cater for most engraving requirements. Characters can be engraved onto a variety of materials to suit your needs. Logos can also be engraved or etched on plates or panels up to 600mm by 400mm in size. 


FSM has developed its own technique for applying Braille characters to access panels. Our unique methods meet regulatory requirements to deliver higher quality and accuracy. We went through a robust process to make sure that all our Braille is DDA Compliant and are now a recognised supplier by RNIB (Royal National Institute of the Blind). 


FSM only employs reputable Plating companies, typically working with one main supplier. 

Plating is used to cosmetically change the appearance of components and metal objects or enhance anti-corrosive and wear properties. 

Our prefered electro-platers are fully compliant for zinc, nickel chrome, & most decorative finishes. They are carefully monitored to maintain the highest quality. 

Powder Coating

FSM offers a seamless and complete service providing all your powder coating needs. Powder coating is an electro-static process that applies dry powder to the material and is then oven cured to produce the desired effect. 

The choice of colours and textures are almost limitless, giving the customer a wide range of protective and hard wearing coatings. Many paint powders are especially adapted to provide outdoor protection. It is a fast and cost effective way to apply a protective and coloured finish to metallic materials.