About Us

About Us

FSM is a specialist sheet metal fabrication company operating from it’s modern and well-equipped premises in Haverhill, Suffolk.

Using the latest technology we are able to maximise both throughput and yield, efficiently handling a breadth of contract and sheet metal requirements.

The facilities at FSM allow us to work with a wide range of materials, thicknesses and applications, accurately and cost-effectively. Our 3 x 1.5 metre Trumpf Truflow 4000 laser cutting machine is ideal for either short production runs or continuous profiling. It can cope with 20mm mild steel, 15mm stainless steel and 10mm aluminum.

Quality control is maintained at each and every stage of the process. Our measuring systems ensure complete dimensional checks are made against drawings, with macro inspection of finished goods. 


A commitment to quality, service and competitiveness has given FSM the edge to compete and grow in a fast moving economic environment. 

The company began in 1978 as a small sheet metal shop employing 4 people. Today it operates from a 14,000 square foot factory, offering a comprehensive service for both general sub-contract sheet metal manufacturing and the security door and access control industries. 

Managing Director, Colin Fellows, has continued to build the company his father started by developing a strong management team, focusing on meeting customers’ needs and developing a culture of lean manufacturing and continuous improvement. The management team alone have a wealth of knowledge having combined experience of 90 years in the industry.  

Colin Fellows: “ One of the key elements of our success is the ability to quickly adapt to changing market conditions – this is why we focus on having a flexible, well trained work force who adopt lean manufacturing principles throughout their working day. We introduced lean to the shop floor in early 2009 and today it continues to play an important part in our success; and the feedback we get from customers and prospects is evidence of this.” 


Lean has revolutionised the way we work at FSM. Our Lean project started on the shop floor to maximise efficiency and productivity, following the 5S principles. 

What does that mean?

There are 5 primary phases of 5S: sorting, straightening, systematic cleaning, standardising, and sustaining. Additionally, there are three other phases sometimes included; safety, security, and satisfaction.

We are still going through our Lean journey and have seen significant improvements not only in efficiencies and productivity but also in morale within the team. 


FSM owns two 3.5 tonne vehicles with our own dedicated drivers to ensure all our deliveries arrive correctly and on time.

We also employ a reputable courier firm and local delivery agent to expand our capacity.